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Stop trying to grow on Instagram and actually grow on Instagram. Hashtastic goes above and beyond and leverages the power of AI to identify the most powerful hashtags just for you.


Features you'll love

Hashtag Analytics

Use our Smart Tools to easily filter the most Popular and least competitive Hashtags, guaranteeing explosive results. Ranking #1 on Hashtags has never been easier.

Competitor Analysis

Hashtastic comes packed with features enabling you to swiftly monitor your competitors' growth, the hashtags they use the most, and track their activity.

Viral Media Finder

Easily scan through popular niches using our Viral Media Finder to find the most Viral Content for your pages. With new viral media every single day.

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It's about going viral

Hashtastic applies an analytics-driven approach to identify the most powerful hashtags, enabling you to attract a stronger audience and hit the explore page. Every. Single. Time.

Powered by data

Hashtastic scans through millions of entries and tens of thousands of hashtags every day, constantly updating, refreshing, and re-calculating to consistently provide you with the best and freshest data out there.

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Find Hashtags with ease

Hashtastic has a host of useful Hashtag searching capabilities

There's no 'one size fits all' Search Engine. So we decided to cater to a host of different searching capabilities to ensure that you could make the most of Hashtastic, in whatever way you see fit.

  • Standard Hashtag Search - Straight out of the box. This is the most used Search Engine on Hashtastic, and allows you to quickly find hashtags that are directly related to your niche and extract the best ones from that list. This tool also gives you an indication of how likely you are to rank on a specific hashtag based on how many likes you usually get on your posts.
  • Ladder Search - The tried and tested method of growing using Hashtags: the Ladder Method. Hashtastic automatically enables you to implement the Ladder Method bu sorting Hashtags in different Ladder Groups for you to choose from.
  • Competitor Scanner - Want to know what hashtags your competition has been using? It's never been easier. Just one-click and you'll easily extract all the hashtags from your competitors and start tracking them right away.
  • Relevant Hashtag Search - This tool scans the web to find Hashtags that are related to your niche that you may not have thought and that could provide incredible value. E.g. searching for #landscape will wield results such as: #explorenature, #wildernessculture, #outdoors, etc.
  • Bulk Hashtag Search - For the hardcore power-users. This tool enables you to quickly scan 200 hashtags at once and provides all the metrics on those hashtags, instantly. This is really useful if you've got sets of hashtags you regularly use and want to quickly weed out the least-performing.

Manage your Hashtags

Hashtastic is now your central location for all your hashtag needs

We like Notes & Notepad, but things can quickly get messy. This is why we came up with MyHastags.

MyHashtags is your central location to save, edit, copy, and compare all of your most-used Hashtag Sets. Whenever you're done searching, scanning, and comparing Hashtags in any of the search engines you can quickly save your selection straight into MyHashtags, that way you don't have to waste time doing the same search twice.


Find the best Viral Media out there

Because you shouldn't be wasting your time looking for Viral Media.

Viral Media is everywhere and nowhere at once. Now it's easily available within Hashtastic.

Hashtastic scans millions of posts every single day and cross-references those with the most viral potential. This way we can be sure to provide you with Viral Media for your niche that is currently going viral, and that will easily go viral again. The best of all? It's updated all day, every day.

Track your personal accounts as well as your competitors

Keep an eye on the prize

Hashtastic enables you to add accounts to your "Personal" and "Competitor" lists in order to keep track of their progress, growth, what hashtags they use, if they are using any banned hashtags, and even provides suggestions on how you could improve your organic reach.

It's just too damn easy.

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For the first time ever: Hashtag Performance

Hashtastic enables you to monitor per-hashtag performance. This means you can easily identify which hashtags are performing, and which hashtags you should change. Going viral has never been easier.

Introducing Campaign Mode

Hashtastic Campaigns enable you to get quick and easy insights into how well each of your accounts are performing, what you should do to improve their performance, and quickly identify any pain points you may have.

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How to make the most of Hashtastic


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Hashtastic work?

Hashtastic works by scanning millions of entries, and hundreds of thousands of hashtags all day every day in order to have the freshest, most accurate, and most reliable data of all Hashtag Tools. Hashtastic then computes all of that data behind the scenes and send you just what you need: the best hashtags out there.

What makes it different from any other Hashtag tools?

Every Hashtag tool out there provides the basic data: number of posts, sometimes the number of likes, but none of them provide accurate data for Competitiveness and Effectiveness. Hashtastic provides all of those, and then some.

What's the easiest way to go VIRAL?

The easiest way to go Viral is to find Hashtags that are Popular, meaning they have a large audience, and that are the least Competitive, meaning you don't have too many people fighting for positions in the top 9 rank for that Hashtag.
High Popularity + Low Competition = Viral Posts.

What if I need help?

We have a dedicated support team ready to answer any and all of your questions! Once you've signed up just click on the "Support" link in the Menu, send us a message, and we'll reply as soon as we can.

Available Anywhere

Hashtastic is a Web App, meaning you can use it on any mobile device or on your desktop straight in the browser. But don't worry, we have iOS and Android Apps coming soon.

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