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Hashtastic is the most powerful Hashtag Scanner out there, and is packed with features that will take your Instagram account to the next level.


Turbo-charge your Instagram

From our multiple Hashtag Search Engines, to the Account Scanner, Viral Media Finder, Hashtag Performance Analytics and Campaigns, Hashtag Sets, Hashtag Groups, and many more features... Whatever your needs may be, Hashtastic has you covered.

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Hashtag Performance

  • Advanced Post Insights

    Hashtastic enables you to identify precisely which hashtags are driving traffic to your page. Fine-tuning your hashtag strategy has never been easier.

  • Next-Level Analytics

    Hashtastic analyses and monitors each of your posts, giving you detailed analytics on their performance over time, as well as insights on which hashtags drove that performance.

  • Hashtag Recommendations

    By providing you detailed analytics on which hashtags worked for you, and which ones didn't, you can easily remove all your losers and double-down on your winners. Building powerful hashtag sets has never been easier.


Powerful search engines

Finding the best hashtags has never been easier

Whatever your needs are, we've got you covered

Our Hashtag Search Engines cater to all use cases. Whether you want an Automatic Selection of 30 of the best hashtags, or if you want more control and want to select all the best hashtags manually, we've got you covered! Our Search Engines provide you with thousands of options to choose from.

How does that help me?

Hashtastic enables you to easily identify hashtags with high Popularity but low Competitiveness , as well as identify how many likes you'll need to reach those hashtags, enabling you to consistently appear as a top post on those hashtags.

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For your day-to-day hashtag searches, including a variety of filters and modes


Find inspiration for new hashtags that relate to your niche


Copy-paste and search for up to 200 hashtags at once, with one click

Viral Media

Choose from a variety of Viral Media search engines for guaranteed viral content

Powerful Metrics

Hashtastic provides a detailed selection of reliable and actionable metrics for all the hashtags in its database.

Daily Posts

(Aka "Daily Average Post Count", or DAPC), an indication of how popular a hashtag is

Post Count

How many total posts have been submitted to that hashtag

Hashtastic Score

An indication of how useful a hashtag is, the higher the score the better

Average Likes

How many likes it takes, on average, to reach the "top posts" section of that hashtag

Likes Velocity

How fast do likes come pouring in for posts in the "top posts" section of that hashtag

Average Comments

How many comments posts have, on average, in the "top posts" section of that hashtag

Rank Ratio

The percentage of times your post ranked in the "top posts" section of that hashtag

Best Rank

The highest position you reached in the "top posts" section of that hashtag

Why Hashtastic?

Hashtastic was designed with Creators in mind. We've been in your shoes and struggled with Instagram in the past. We know what it's like, and we built this tool to make our own lives easier.

Delivering growth, from start to finish

Having multiple different applications talk to each other can make life complicated. We believe in accompanying our users from start to finish, all-in-one.

  • Finding Hashtags

    Using our advanced Hashtag Search Engine and Modes

  • Storing Hashtags

    For ease of use, directly in the Hashtastic App

  • Monitoring Performance

    Making sure those hashtags are working for you, every time

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You can start for free to try some of the basic features out. You can try Hashtastic for as long as you like, however not all features are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about Hashtastic?

Hashtastic works by scanning millions of hashtags, and hundreds of thousands of accounts all day every day in order to have the freshest, most accurate, and most reliable data of all Hashtag Tools. Hashtastic then computes all of that data behind the scenes and sends you just what you need: the best hashtags out there, and the tools to start growing your account with ease.
NO. Unlike some of our competitors, Hashtastic will never ask for your Instagram credentials or ask to log in to your account. We value our client's privacy and the security of their accounts above all else.
Most Hashtag tools out there provide the basic data: number of posts, sometimes the number of likes, but none of them provide accurate data for Competitiveness and Effectiveness, Like Velocity, Comments, Trends, etc. Hashtastic provides all of those, and then some.
The easiest way to go Viral is to find Hashtags that are Popular, meaning they have a large audience, and that are the least Competitive, meaning you don't have too many people fighting for positions in the top 9 rank for that Hashtag.
High Popularity + Low Competition = Viral Posts.
We're here for you! We have a dedicated support team ready to answer any and all of your questions! Once you've signed up just click on the "Support" link in the Menu, send us a message, and we'll reply as soon as we can.

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Hashtastic provides a Light Version you can try completely free, for as long as you'd like. The results and analytics are limited, but you get a good taste of what Hashtastic has to offer.

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